May. 30th, 2007

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Dream #19

This one was interesting. I was wandering around a dormitory checking out all the rooms. I'm not sure if it was college or some other place. I'm not sure what I was looking for, exactly, I think I was just curious. Every door was open. Most of the rooms were in disarray, with none of the beds made. One room in particular was elaborately decorated, and had what was a sofa or futon visible from the entrance, the bed off to the side. At first I thought it had been done so that any guest visiting would be comfortable sleeping there, but when I checked again, the potential "sleeping space" was actually decorated with a display of plants and various trinkets (can't remember any specific ones). Funny thing, though, none of the plants were green...they were all circus-like colored with oranges and purples and reds.

After I had checked the rooms I found myself in a downstairs kitchen, there was one thin glass wall that offered a clear view of a snowy landscape outside, though I wasn't cold myself. A large white wolf some distance away immediately noticed me and started madly barking, rushing up to the glass wall, definitely hostile (wolves, of course, do not bark in real life). But his barks were completely silent, I could not hear a thing. Then he stopped abruptly and started howling (again, I could not hear it). At that point it suddenly occurred to me that he would have no trouble crashing through the thin glass wall if he wanted to get me, so I started to back away. It was at that point the sound of the cat jumping up on the bed startled me to wake up quite abruptly.


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